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A Broad Range of Services

Flato Realty Advisors, LLC specializes in commercial real estate appraisal and consulting. Our services are customized to meet your specific needs and include real time market based analysis. We take into account each property’s specific characteristics and how the property relates to the market. We are able to provide legal counsel and court testimony for all valuation services provided Clients come to us for a wide range of real estate appraisal and consultation questions. Whether you require appraisal for a mortgage, asset valuation, estate, divorce settlement, corporate disposition, book valuation, transactions, legal matters, right-of-way, assessed value/ad valorem taxes, or other issue, we can help you.

An Even Broader Range of Properties

We also analyze many types of properties. The list includes, but is not limited to:

• Single-tenant to major multitenant office buildings and corporate headquarters
• Retail centers, freestanding retail stores, and shopping malls
• Restaurants,
• Automobile dealerships
• Car washes
• Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and salvage yards
• Marinas
• Resort properties, farms and ranches, etc
• Commercial land
• Multi-family projects
• Full-service and limited-service hotels
• Entertainment complexes, theme parks, country clubs, and golf courses

Customized Work
We take into account each property’s specific characteristics and market relevance. We also customize services and provide real-time, market-based analysis.







MORTGAGE We are able to meet lenders/financial institution requirements including the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement act of 1989 (FIRREA) Title XI Regulations, current Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as well as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Institute. Additionally, we routinely comply with specific lender requests and standards. Our firm has produced appraisal reports for lending purposes ranging from values as low as under $100,000 to over $100,000,000. Lender work includes traditional appraisal assignments completed in self-contained, summary and restricted report format for U.S. as well as international lenders and property re-inspection. Mortgage work includes new construction, purchase/acquisition, foreclosure and expansion.
LEGAL ASSIGNMENTS Appraisals and consultations have been provided for a variety of attorneys and law firms, as well as private individuals for legal matters. The purpose of appraisal/consultation for legal matters is wide ranging and includes rent disputes, partnership disputes, divorces, asset valuation for estates, valuation disputes, condemnation/right-of-way, contamination suits, damage estimates, etc. Our work involving legal matters has included properties in Texas as well as Mexico. Legal assignments are specialized for the purpose at hand and typically include a depth of analysis greater than typical appraisal assignments. Mr. Flato has testified in Bexar, Travis, Webb, San Patricio, Live Oak, and Nueces Counties of Texas and is comfortable in the courtroom.
RIGHT-OF-WAY/CONDEMNATION Appraisals have been performed for State, County and City condemning authorities, as well as private property owners protesting their offers of compensation. Right-of-way/Condemnation appraisal involves specific analysis regarding value of the property before the aquistion, value of the part to be acquired, and value the remainder. Specific attention and analysis is provided regarding damages, if any, to the remainder property as well as the specific requirements of the condemning authority. Property types analyzed in Right-of-Way appraisals include vacant land, retail, office, multi-family, industrial and specialized property.
ASSESSED VALUE ANALYSIS Appraisals have been performed for both Texas County Appraisal Districts and private property owners and Mr. Flato has testified in court for both. Assessed value appraisals are always performed on a fee simple basis per Texas Law and the date of appraisal is January 1. Appraisals for assessed value are performed both on a market value basis as well as an Equal and Uniform Valuation Basis. In both cases, Flato Realty Advisors utilizes pertinent verified comparable data as well as in depth reporting.
ESTATES Valuation for estates can be prepared both for estate planning or tax purposes. Estate valuation can include multiple properties in various locations/counties. We have been involved in a number of estates and various property types. Typically, estate valuation is prepared to meet the IRS requirements. Estate work oftentimes includes meeting the reporting requirements of numerous parties involved in the estate.
SPECIALIZED VALUATION Specialized valuation services have been performed for a variety of purposes, including view sheds, public offerings, site selection, avigation easements, riparian rights, leasehold estates, liquidation purposes etc. Specific requirements of the client are addressed in each valuation assignment. Specialized valuation assignments often include property types not typically valued by most appraisers, including Theme Parks, International Bridge Crossings, Mexico properties, Hunting Lodges, Schools, Public Buildings, Mini-Warehouses, Airports, Marinas, etc. Flato Realty Advisors is comfortable in the valuation of specialized property types.